” Cannabis Overdose” Explained

Cannabis Overdose

Not What You’d Expect

Let’s first start by stating that no one has ever proved that any human deaths have been caused by cannabis use EVER. Do the research, and then see how easy it is to find documented deaths caused by pretty much anything you can name! Using CBD have zero deaths is not only a triumph but a huge signal in the sky to all who are willing to look. The toxic overdose limit for cannabis is so high that you cannot physically pull it off. That does not mean that cannabis should be treated lightly. Here are some negative things you may experience using cannabis. Feeling like others are looking at you or paying attention to you. Paranoia about the future or current situation. Rapid or slow heart beat. Loss of balance. Blurred vision and feeling short of breath. These are all signs that you have ingested more cannabis than your body is used to. Those are all common side effects of “overdose” on cannabis. Side effects also include: relaxed mood, hunger, sleep, heightened taste, and relief from many painful ailments and illnesses. The line between a good or an uncomfortable high all depends on your self discipline. Since we all react differently, it is your responsibility as an individual to find and know your limits with cannabis.

What To Do

It’s simple really, take it nice and slow. If you plan to smoke a joint, first roll a small one. Take a drag and inhale it in and out with no holding your breath in between, then wait a couple minutes. You should feel some sort of “Head Change”, which means you can feel the effects creeping in. If not, start over with one single drag but this time wait a little longer before you exhale. This will give the T.H.C a little more time to enter the body. This method will help you avoid the overwhelming effects of too much cannabis. If you choose to eat cannabis instead, know that eating cannabis can be even more overwhelming than inhaling it. Simply because the cannabis is being put through your digestive system and eventually to you blood stream and fat cells. The effects of eating cannabis take at least 30 minutes to to kick in. Go even slower when eating cannabis and start with a bite at a time, and the waiting periods are obviously much longer for ingestion.


If you can’t hold your horses and overdo it anyway, I have a sure fire solution to help you snap out of your self imposed panic attack. SODIUM commonly known as SALT ! That’s right. Go ahead and munch on some munchies! Fact is that the effects of cannabis and salt don’t mix. Salt neutralizes cannabis in the body and will buffer the effects greatly. What also helps is sugar, fat, and water. Yeah I know, the main components of an American diet. I’m basically telling you to eat some food and drink some water! Follow these tips and make your cannabis experience safe and enjoyable.

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